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Ready-to-use solutions for the full cycle insurance supply chain.

As a pre-configured solution, we cater to price comparison websites, brokers, wholesalers, managing general agents, insurers, and other insurance technology suppliers.

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Provision of IHP, policy admin for both retail and wholesale distribution for taxi (single and fleet), courier, commercial vehicle, motortrade, liability and private car. This includes integration with ride haling companies.

Clegg Gifford Insurance Brokers

Provision of channel distribution services presenting INSHUR products in a convenient and quick way to their broker network as part of customer quoting, removing the need to re-key

INSHUR Insurance

Providing IHP, policy admin, and price comparison website integration for this broker \ MGA.

Riviera Insurance Services

Providing short term car and van multi insurer panels, IHP, policy management and PCW integration for an innovative app-based broker.

Zixty Car Insurance

Providing pricing, delegated authority tools, and custom quote & CRM services for this niche motor broker.

Quote Detective


Intermediary Service

£500 / month

  • Intermediary Agent Quote Portal
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Validation & Enrichment
  • MI
  • Insurer Referral Workflow
  • Dynamic Fees and Discounts
  • Customer Buy Online & Portal
  • PCW Integration
  • Accounting
  • API & Broker Portals
  • Product Build & IHP
  • Full Cycle Policy Processing
  • Policy Documentation
  • BDX & EDI & MID
  • Claims Import and Analysis

Insurer & Intermediary Service

£2000 / month

  • Intermediary Agent Quote Portal
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Validation & Enrichment
  • MI
  • Insurer Referral Workflow
  • Dynamic Fees and Discounts
  • Customer Buy Online & Portal
  • PCW Integration
  • Accounting
  • API & Broker Portals
  • Product Build & IHP
  • Full Cycle Policy Processing
  • Policy Documentation
  • BDX & EDI & MID
  • Claims Import and Analysis


£FOC / month

  • Join the marketplace allowing insurers to quote on NVT Broker panel
  • Integration of Insurer Quote API
  • Build or hosting of Indicate Quote
  • Integration of Insurer Oncover API
  • MI

  • Per product per month (excl VAT)
  • No transaction fees
  • No user licences
  • No hosting charges
  • Multi product discount with > 2 products
  • Integrates with software houses (any software house costs not included)
  • Ability to use existing NVT commercial deals for third party services
  • Custom development resource available for bespoke work
  • Full access to transaction database for custom MI
  • Secure and Scalable

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I reduce time and effort in new business and renewal quoting?

    With NVT Agent desktop you can single key risks to give a full insurer panel response, NVT will integrate to your softwarehouse, your insurer APIs and portals. NVT can hold all your discounts, fees and payment plans. It is possible to configure your insurer panel to return a range of quotes with different risk combinations ensuring your agents (or online journey) has your best insurer quotes at their fingertips.

  • NVT has integrations with all price comparison websites and lead providers, in addition we provide both a quote and lead API allowing you to integrate with your partners. With each lead, NVT can be configured to trigger a series of actions (call customer, email, SMS, etc) each of which is completed by entering a code to desribe the outcome so at all times you have a full view of your sales "funnel".

  • With existing integrations with MyLicence, SIRA, Companies House, ChatGPT, Google (incl maps) and data agregators Lexis Nexis and Percyaso (which includes ID and CUE) providing both raw data, capstones and NVT processed data. All you need to do is decide what you want and where to run it.

  • Insurer referral business is key to providing the best service to customers but is often overlooked against screen rates. With NVT you can automate both the triggering of referrals (targeting best converting risks or only sending after enrichment checks, for example) and integration with the insurers automating many steps and providing referral performance reporting.

  • NVT can dynamically calculate fee, commission and payment plans based on the risk, perhaps by term or risk complexity to optimise income and reduce bad debt. All premium and fee overrides are recorded for full visibility.

  • NVT provides standard quote journeys which can be branded as required, or host your own HTML & CSS allowing in house dev resource to configure the journey as required. For total flexibility the NVT quote, on cover, MTA and Canx APIs can be used

  • Yes! NVT has existing "multi brand" integrations supporting the latest PCW functionality requirements.

  • NVT allows transaction batching for both insurer (incl add on and IPT split if needed) and broker statments, these are used for invoicing and bank transactions allocated to give up to date payment status'. The same applies for customer paymnents. Alternatively this data can be exported into third party systems.

  • Using NVT to host your product allows you to use all existing broker portals where using NVT brokers the insurer has full transparancy from end customer quote to policy on cover. Brokers and insurers can share enrichment data and add new data capture to support niche risks and ensure most conpetetive pricing and performance. Where a broker is not using NVT, our set of APIs allow integration for all transaction types and supports multiple schemas definition ensuring simple integration.

  • Yes NVT has a fully configurable and self service IHP rating engine. Rates can be built as standalone or use a external client as a base, for example Polaris or insurer API. Different versions of rates can be held by date allowing "old risk old rate" MTA calculations. Customers can create their one matrices and mapping tables and incorporate any enrichment services required.

  • Yes! We can support NB quote and incept, MTA (and Temp MTA) quote and incept, CANX quote and incept, Renewal Invite (broker and insurer led) and incept.

  • Yes NVT has a standard set of doucmentation for both insurer and broker and as part of any new product roll out and can customise as required. Documents can be populated with data from quote engines (such as wording and endorsements).

  • Creating the best broker panel takes more than signed agencies, with stretched insurer development resource it is important to be able to integrate at any level and in any way. NVT can do a full traditional software house integration using EDI, or host rates sending BDX, integrate to insurer IHP or full cycle API or even software house API. By offering several options, it maxmises the speed and quality of the integration. We can even move between integration types as insurer developmrnt resource becomes available.

  • NVT claims import will analyse each claim such that a full historical view of all changes is held and claims are checked against the policy term and flag any issues. Both summary performance and triangulation are avialable in realtime and can be "sliced and diced" by all available data fields and even calculated fields (such as age as oposed to date of birth, areas mapped from postcodes, target segments (combination of fields such as age, area, vehicle group). Performance can be run overnight to identify the worst and best performance segments providing exception reports for your pricing and underwriting staff


Whether you're an existing customer, or a prospective one, please feel free to contact us about any queries you have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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