Next Venture Technology

Useful technology

Next Venture Broker Technologies supplies innovative connected technologies to the insurance intermediary market.

The NV platform is agile, reliable, secure, fully customisable and can be integrated with all existing systems and partners enabling a lightweight and painless implementation.

NV works collaboratively with its customers understanding their requirements and creating bespoke solutions which improves efficiencies, creates and capitalises on opportunities. As a result enables the development of differentiation and competitive advantage.

How it works


The NV platform is a series of reusable components which can be seamlessly integrated to build bespoke end to end solutions.

Components include:

  Data Dictionary, giving the ability to configure products and policy types as required.

  Clients, pre built integrations to a range of 3rd party systems including broking back offices, quote engines, in house databases, diallers and enrichment sources.

  Rating, Ability to host product rating and product bundling.

  Prospect Management, Providing a single customer view, along with lead routing and prioritisation.

  Quote Journey and API giving the ability to host or connect with front end systems and price comparison sites to distribute products in a controlled and managed way.

  Data - Our "big data" and machine learning tools allow the identification and targeting of opportunities.

Realtime MI and an online configuration portal gives full visibility and control of the platform directly to your operation.

Policy Types

The platform is policy and product agnostic in that it can be configured to as required

Currently the platform covers both personal lines and commercial insurance products.


Using our platform we have been able to quickly implement a range of services, a few live examples below

  Single customer view and single key quote engine (insurer portal comparison)

  Bespoke quote engine and local enrichment (existing customers, target customers etc)

  Product bundling and cross sell

Case Study: Product Bundling - Bewiser

Case Study: Bespoke Quote Engine - Quote Detective


Next Venture Broker Technologies

NV started in 2015 as an "insurtech" service provider working with insurers, intermediaries and price comparison sites. The focus is on fast payback and quick implementation.

To support this speed of implementation we have built a platform covering many insurance business processes from data analysis, product design and price comparison allowing NV to quickly provide secure and cost effective solutions.

NV was founded by Stephen Peck and is part of the pH Innovate group of companies.

If you have any questions or would like to see how we can help please drop us a line at