Our Intermediary Service

Agent Quote Portal

Intermediary Agent Quote Portal

NVT provides a single key quote journey (via agent or API) to retrieve your full panel, regardless of where the insurers are hosted.

Save time by only entering risk details once.

Increase conversion by comparing all insurers & bespoke deals.

Integrate with your existing software house.

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Customer Relationship Management

Generating a sales lead is a costly process, with our CRM it is possible to track the progress of a lead and also calculate next actions and action date time to maxmise conversion.

Improve levels of customer service and resulting conversion.

Automate outbound actions (calls, emails, SMS).

Measure sales and lead provider performance.

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Validations and Enrichment

Validation & Enrichment

Validation and enrichment can be configured pre quote, quote enrichment or as part of the on cover journey.

Increase accuracy of data capture and resulting insurer quotes.

Reduce incidences of fraud and moral hazard.

Maximise insurer quotability.

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We provide a series of standard MI reports covering the CRM and PCW services giving a full view of your sales "funnel".

Manage your sales funnel.

Measure agent performance.

Understand resourcing for optimum conversion and income.

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Insurer Referral

Insurer Referral

Service Plus

With NVT you can set up rules for sending proposal docs to insurers to give the customer the best possible quote.

Reduce time taken for insurer referrals.

Only refer where likely to quote.

Measure referral performance.

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Fees and Discounts

Fees & Discounts

Service Plus

NVT can add broker admin fees, fees to cover net commission products, and discount fees. Fees can be dynamically calculated based on things like policy term, risk factors, or even customer premium

Manage fee rules in realtime.

Manage deposit rules in realtime.

Optimise income and ensure transparency to end customers.

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Customer Buy Online and Portal

Customer Buy Online & Portal

Service Plus

Extending the quote journey to allow either full buy online or the ability to take customer deposit (via Barclaycard, Blink, Wordpay, Stripe, SagePay, etc).

Create customer quote journey and buy online for your niche products.

Use insurer portal for customer service requests.

Use insurer portal for MTA requests.

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Price Comparison Website Integration

PCW Integration

Service Plus

NVT has live integrations with all price comparison sites, simplifying the go live process and handling millions of quotes per month.

Integrate with price comparison websites.

Use pricing tools to target risks.

Use dynamic landing pages to optimise conversion.

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Service Plus

NVT has ability to enter bank transactions to produce reconciliation for insurer & add on payments, card payments recieved, and finance providers.

Reconcile insurer and customer payments.

Manage your insurer products completely on NVT.

Integrate with your finance provider.

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API and Broker Deatils

API & Broker Portals

Service Plus

We have a portal that can be used by agents, or if required, all of the above functionality is available as an API to allow integration into your own systems.

Integrate NVT functionality into your own in house applications.

Save time by optimising quote generation.

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