Our Insurer Service

This service builds on and includes all the functionality of our Intermediary service giving a full end to end trading environment for both retial and wholesale channels. Click here to read more.


Product Build & IHP

Our IHP service includes a fully functionality rating engine allowing rates to set up using our self-service portal or alternatively the NVT config team can set these up.

Self service rating engine (full version control & historical rate capture).

Seamless addition of enrichment data sources via existing integrations.

Auto test pack.

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Validations and Enrichment

Full Cycle Policy Processing

The NVT platform covers the full policy lifecycle including temporary MTAs, broker and insurer led renewal inviting, and policy extensions (used for short term insurance).

Full lifecycle supported.

Select from existing MTA, CANX and step back rules or create your own.

Self service agency set up and commission management.

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Policy Documentation

We have a full suite of policy documentation. These can be customised at insurer (and insurer scheme) level as required (branding, logos, wording etc.) and our IHP service will provide endorsements wording and policy excesses.

Configurable document suite using existing templates.

Ability to customise for bespoke templates.

Document driver by IHP responses (endorsements either NVT IHO or third party rating software)

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Insurer Referral


We have a range of pre built CSV Bordereaux and EDI messages that are being used to communicate with insurers and capacity providers.

Choose from existing BDX and EDI messages.

Add new message formats and timings as required.

MID & CUE EDI updating.

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Fees and Discounts

Claims Import and Analysis

It is possible to import claims files into the platform which are then processed and linked to relevant policy and policy period.

Auto claim import and validation.

Full "As At" claims & premium analysis with drill down by risk or transaction data.

Access to underlying data.

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Validations and Enrichment


NVT has ability to enter bank transactions to produce reconciliation for insurer & add on payments, card payments recieved, and finance providers.

Reconcile insurer and customer payments.

Manage your insurer products completely on NVT.

Integrate with your finance provider.

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